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Eathumans X LGDA

Not all art is meant to be understood.

Trash Humpers for echomignonnette

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Homemade art with friends.
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I embrace beauty and darkness equally, because they are identical.


Chris Schoonover
reminds me of loach 


A very accurate depiction of a cat owner.


Angela Davis Is More Than A “Symbol” 
It would help (though I know they aren’t going to do it) if colourist, misogynoiristic men who fetish old images of Angela Yvonne Davis—old images, as in she’s still alive now, is an educator/activist now, doesn’t have an afro anymore, and is 70 years old, still emanating brilliance—actually read some of her work. Or knew about her life. Or know that she’s a queer Black feminist. Or know that she’s always critiqued both racism and sexism/anti-Black misogyny (in addition to the general intersectional lens she applies to her theory and praxis on classism, immigration, reproductive justice etc., especially radically so regarding dismantling Prison Industrial Complex).
She’s a person. Black women are people, not just symbols for some abusive men, particularly some Black men, to use to try to oppress other Black women, based on the politics of respectability/misogynoir etc., in an effort to silence Black women and engage in patriarchal dominance. (In this generation, they often use Janelle Monae’s image this way.)
I mean…most Black women I know have seen those violently ahistorical memes (that mostly Black men create) that juxtapose photos of Black women activists of the past to Black women who dance (usually twerking/stripping) now. As if both dancers and activists didn’t exist both then and now. As if activists don’t dance. As if dancers cannot be activists. Ignorant patriarchal binaries here.
They really need to change their avis and/or habit of plastering her image when it’s done in this manner. I…don’t think they deserve her image there until they acknowledge that she and the everyday Black women they harm are actually human. People. Complex. Like they are! They need to stop being so damn simple and so damn harmful with images of Black women.

what does it mean to be a philosopher-king in the year 2014? 


FKA twigs at Glasslands Gallery



Fear of Flowers Part 1

goodness this is beautiful